Frequently Asked Questions

Can teachers work on a student film? 

This question has been asked in various ways, over the years. Can I help with lighting? The cinematographer was out for a week, so I stood in for them. Is that OK? The students and I wrote an excellent script...

The short answer is no.  

Any adult can work with students as a cast member. I strongly encourage teachers to educate, mentor, guide, and cheerlead students through the process. In fact, I (passive-aggressively) beg them to do so.

Here's the bottom line.

Please, please, please, help your students with brainstorming, demonstrating, and CRITIQUING. Support them by acting in their film. But never invest as a crew member, to the point where students are listing you in the credits. 

ONLY students as crew members. See Rules.

If I submit my film, is it guaranteed to screen at the festival?

No. Your film is submitted for consideration to screen at the Festival. We will be receiving entries from around the state and each film will be previewed and ranked by our Festival Selection Committee. Top-ranked films will be placed in our two-hour screening block. Films selected to screen at the festival will be announced on this website.

Does the 7-minute time limit include my film's titles or end credits?

Yes. A film’s run time is counted from frame one to frame last. Your beginning and end credits are a part of the film’s content and are a part of your time limit.

Can I use copyrighted music in my project?

Only if you have permission to use it. If your film uses copyrighted music and you 1) don't have proper permission and 2) do not credit it in the film, it will not be eligible. 

Should I have the Cast and Crew in my film sign release forms?

Edited 5-9-2024

New Hampshire High School Short Film Festival does not require copies of signed actor release forms for film consideration, however it is recommended that you keep signed release forms for your actors on file, especially if they are under 18. We do require signed release forms for crew involved in production.