Halloween PSA

2022 Halloween PSA Challenge

This video challege is free for all k-12-aged students. 

Help from teachers, advisors, mentors, friends, and family is strongly encouraged -BUT- the worked musted be filmed and edited by the k-12-aged  participant. 

By submitting a PSA to the 2022 Halloween PSA Challenge:

You are agreeing to follow the rules of the 2022 Halloween PSA Challenge.

You are agreeing to show your video publically on nhmediateachers.org and the New Hampshire High School Short Film Festival YouTube channel for as long as those channels should exist.

You are agreeing the the work you create is your own and does not infring on any copy right rules.

You are agreeing that nhmediateachers.org and its owners/creator are not responsible for the content of your creation.

DISCLAIMER: Some themes and content surrounding Halloween, horror movies, sciencefiction movies, and PSA's may not be suitable for all. 

Due Date: Thursday, October 27, 2022, at the witching hour!

Here are the rules and procedures for the 2022 Halloween PSA Challenge

This project is a fun way to introduce filmmaking and build excitement for more involved projects to come. 

High school PSA’s usually have common social themes (mainly bullying). 

The Halloween PSA challenges students with specific rules and themes. 

PSAs can be humorous or serious -- dealer’s choice. Have fun with it. 


This year we are looking at science fiction-themed PSAs. Look for inspiration from the campy, cheesy, horror movies from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's. This is a time when practical effects ruled.  Here are some examples to get the creative mojo flowing: 

Plan 9 from Outer Space


Village of the Damned


Soylent Green


Killer Klowns from Outer Space



The 2022 Halloween PSA must be in Black and White

90-Seconds or less. This includes any credits. 91-Seconds or more will be DQ’d.

The file size must be less than 300Mb (try exporting with mp4).

You must choose one of the themes listed below.

MUST include at least one extraterrestrial character.


(choose one of the following):

Jack-o-lantern carving safety tips

Applying or removing makeup safely

Stranger danger

Suspicious candy

Right costume, wrong place

Trick-or-Treat Etiquette 


Awards will be listed on nhmediateachers.org's homepage on October 31st by 7am.

Awards will be in the form of downloadable certificates.

ALL qualifying PSAs will be shown on the New Hampshire High School Short Film Festival’s YouTube channel. 

Links will be provided on October 31st.




Classic New Hampshire High School PSA Gold

Created by Pinkerton Academy students in 2017, this PSA uses a narrative storytelling method and features an epic voice-over, prop gags, a pinch of comedy, and appropriate music to deliver its message of awareness.  

Pro tip: Notice how they fit two scenarios into the time allotted. Notice also how the theme "don't go into a stranger's home" gets more absurd in the second scenario. That's comedy gold.

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