Rules and Guidelines


(1) Do not do anything that puts another person in danger.

(2) DO NOT BRING OR USE ANY WEAPONS (REAL OR FAKE) ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. If you have a story that uses a weapon, you MUST have full permission, consent, and supervision of the Adult Supervisor.

(3) No nudity.

(4) Swearing/fake blood/STAGED violence is allowed, but remember that the decision to use these tools MUST enhance the story. Any overly excessive or unnecessary use of these things will cause your film to be excluded from the festival. Speak to your Adult Supervisor if you are unsure what to include.

Rules and Terms:


[section edited 5-9-24] Eligible New Hampshire students must submit relevant forms: Parental Consent Form (if under 18) or a Student Consent form if they are over 18, all of which are available at the forms page. A teacher/supervisor must submit an Adult Supervisor form. A “Supervisor” is the one adult that assumes all responsibility for the safety of each cast and crew member. The Supervisor may be a faculty, staff, parent, or guardian. Each film must list one adult in the credits as "Adult Supervisor." The Supervisor must fill out the adult supervision form. No film will be accepted without a supervisor.

(1) OPEN TO NH HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ONLY. All films must be produced solely by students currently enrolled and attending a New Hampshire public or private high school (grades 9-12). Submitting students can be either New Hampshire residents or out-of-state residents attending school in-state. New Hampshire homeschooled students ages 14-18 are also eligible.

(2) Adult involvement in the project is limited to verbal, educational support and guidance, on-screen talent and/or as Supervisor. Adults are there to supervise and guide students, not take part directly in any part of the production of the film. Only students are allowed as crew members.

(3) Films can be no longer than seven minutes (7:00) in length or less than one minute (1:00) in length, including titles and credits. 

(4) NEW RULE AS OF 2023:  Films must fall into one of three categories: Narrative Fiction, Documentary, or Animation/Stop Motion. Students are required to choose a submission category that their film falls under when submitting, as defined below:

Narrative Fiction: A scripted film that tells a fictional story, event, or narrative with a main goal of entertaining the audience.

Documentary: A film that aims to accurately represent a real event, people, and situations and often a main goal is to inform, instruct, and inspire the audience.

Animation/Stop Motion:  A filmmaking technique that involves using motion graphics, drawings, stop motion, or any type of simiilar medium to tell a story. A film can be a narrative fiction as well as animation, but if you used animation or stop motion to make your film then put it under this category when submitting.

(5) Films must have been produced after June 30, 2023.

(6) Films can either be produced as part of a school project, group, independently, or as part of an after-school club. (Film Club/Media Club, etc.)

(7) Submitted films must be original works and filmmakers must be able to provide proof of licensing for any copyrighted material featured in the project to be eligible. Proper on-screen credit for licensed work is also required.

(8) Awards are given only to those listed on the submission packet. Award names will be listed as they have been submitted in the submission form. Please make sure all names are spelled correctly. Students may submit a project as the official applicant and still be listed in another project as crew.

(9) A high school student 18 years + may not act as the sole team member and adult supervisor.


This year we are using a third party host called FilmFreeway to collect submissions. Teachers who submitted with us during COVID might be familiar with it. It is free to submit and will help us handle our submissions a little easier. Students must fill out these forms before you submit - 

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Adult Supervisor Form

Student Consent Form (if student is 18+)

Forms can be found on the "Forms" dropdown under "Festival" on this site.

Next you must create a log in at filmfreeway.com , upload your project, then submit the project to the festival page.

FilmFreeway collects a lot of extraneous information that is not required to submit. (You'll see when you submit). Please include your name, your supervisor's name, the name of your film, and your high school on the FilmFreeway submission page.

Submissions are open. Final deadline to submit is April 19th.

Screening is May 19, 2024. Only 20 films will be chosen for the screening.

SUBMIT HERE - FilmFreeway 

If you have submission questions...Please email us at NHHSSFF@gmail.com


NHHSSFF is a non-profit, completely volunteer led festival. We are thankful for the support of our 2024 sponsors: