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Congratulations to 2024 Award Winners!

Jury Award

IN BETWEEN - Rhedyn Simmonds - Nashua Technology Center

Jury Award Runner Up

MY CTE STORY - Grace Mack - Pinkerton Academy

Jury Award Finalist -

 EMISSARY - Josh MacMillan and Kira Hart - Salem High School CTE

Best Narrative Fiction

IN BETWEEN - Rhedyn Simmonds - Nashua Technology Center

Best Documentary

MY CTE STORY - Grace Mack - Pinkerton Academy

Best Animation/Stop Motion

THE END - Cate Shriever - Souhegan High School

Best Cinematography -

 CONNECTIONS TO PASSIONS - Brynn Daigle - Plymouth Regional High School

Best Original Score


Johanna Desfosses, Ava Denehy, Jacoby Rebello, Kyle Martell, Kaiden Miller, Malachi Snyder - Nashua Technology Center




Official 2024 NHHSSFF Screening Selections are:

Connections to Passions – Plymouth Regional High School

Queen Bee – Salem High School CTE

Unrequited Love – Nashua Technology Center

Do You Remember Me – ConVal Regional High School

Low on Power – Salem High School CTE

7Teen – Concord High School

Missing Winter - ConVal Regional High School

Curtain Call – Pinkerton Academy

Love, Mom - Nashua Technology Center

Everything Goes Wrong, The Musical - Nashua Technology Center

The Man Upstairs – Manchester School of Technology

The End – Souhegan High School

In Between – Nashua Technology Center

My CTE Story – Pinkerton Academy

Number One – Salem High School Film Club

My First Love – Souhegan High School

Beau & Friends – Nashua Technology Center

Why.  – Concord High School

The Hater’s Club – Londonderry High School

Missing in the Woods – Souhegan High School

The Silence – Pinkerton Academy

An Escape – Concord High School

Emissary – Salem High School CTE

Father, Forgive Me – Nashua Technology Center

Marked - Salem High School CTE

The Knight’s Knell – Nashua Technology Center

This year's host:

 Nick Lavallee

Nick has had a 20 year career in community media, serves on the NH coalition for community media board, and is a lifelong creative. As a comedian, he has opened for generational icons Bo Burnham and Tom Green. As a musician his band, Donaher, has been featured on New Hampshire Chronicle, shared stages with 90s hit-makers Collective Soul and pop-punk mainstays The Ataris and Piebald. In 2023, Nick successfully led an initiative to have the city of Manchester proclaim itself "The Chicken Tender Capital of the World" through his brand "Wicked Joyful".

You can follow Nick's brand, Wicked Joyful, HERE 

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